About Ronny

Ronny Horovitz was born on the 29th of Kislev 5707 (Dec 22nd 1946).

He was a beloved husband to his wife Esther, a great father to his 6 children (Yair, Rivkah, Shlomit, Shirel, Akiva & Hillel) and the ultimate grandfather to his 13 grandchildren.

In additon he was a cricket lover and an avid Monty Python fan.

Apart from his work in computers, he was an active founder and member of the Shivtei Yisrael community in Ra’anana.

In addition to his formal roles as committee member and chairman, he was one of the main Ba’aley Kri’a (בעלי קריאה) and Shlichey Tzibur (שליחי ציבור). Some of his tunes and melodies were part of the congregation’s favorites. Among these can be counted his Shabbat Shkalim Kaddish and Megilat Esther reading.

But he will be most remembered for his optimism, good nature and permanent smile. These touched all the people he came in contact with. He had a smile and kind words for everyone – his family and friends, people he met in his office hallways, a guard at the supermarket door, the parking lot attendant and basically anyone he spoke too.
After his death we found out what an impression this small gesture had on everyone he met.

Ronny died suddenly on the 4th of Sivan 5772 (May 25th 2012).

This site is dedicated to the tunes of Ronny and the Horovitz family.

The speeches from Ronny’s 30 can be found here


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